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Don't Be Surprised To See Cupcake-Like Wedding Favors At The Next Reception You Attend
 by: Angela Graf

The wedding cake has sometimes been referred to as the most important purchase when planning a wedding or a wedding reception. Many couples are willing to spend big bucks on the cake because every guest at the reception will undoubtedly stop by the cake table to admire the details and creativity of the cake chosen. But for some guests, who may not be able to attend the reception or who may need to leave before the cake cutting, there are new options available. One such option offered by some bakeries is the availability of miniature cakes or cupcakes decorated to match or coordinate with a full sized cake.

Depending on the extravagance of the wedding or the size of the guest list, the bride and groom-to-be may choose to purchase a full size multi-tiered cake decorated to their liking, and provide a handful of the take home sizes to be packaged for those leaving early; or decorate each table with several of the miniature cakes of different flavors or decoration patterns. Another option for those without a constricting budget is to purchase the miniature cakes for each and every guest scheduled to be at the wedding reception. For this option the official wedding cake would not need to be full-sized. It only needs a layer for cake-cutting pictures and if desired, a layer to be frozen for the one year anniversary.

Cake decorating has come a long way with trends like this one and with decoration ideas available. The sky is the limit for creative ideas available and flavors or colors used for the feature cake and now for its miniature counterparts.

About The Author

Angela Graf is the creator of an online wedding planning site designed to help couples plan their weddings around the Louisville area.

This article was posted on April 14, 2006


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