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Alzheimer’s: Prevent it now!
 by: Lambert Klein

Do you think you can avoid Alzheimer’s?

Many people think mental health is more important than physical health. We desire to keep our brains sharp and focus while remaining relax, calm and comfortable with our emotions.

If you are living healthy by getting exercise, eating foods with proper nutrition and drinking good quality water, then you already have a good start on preventing Alzheimer’s.

Other things to consider are making new friends, joining a club or organization or perhaps a gym. Socialization is an important step to our mental and emotional health.

You should think about these things now not later when the damage is beginning to take its toll. Preventative measures are usually the best approach to staying healthy. This also applies to preventing Alzheimer's.

Nutrition and vitamins such as vitamin C and E may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's by absorbing free radicals. A study from John Hopkins shows that people taking both vitamin C and E were 64% less likely to develop Alzheimer's.

You can do something to prevent Alzheimer’s by following a healthy lifestyle.

Find a new hobby, interest or challenge your brain with puzzles or learning something new. If you enjoy walking take alternative routes to stimulate your senses.

Exercise is important for you overall health. This can also help to prevent mental problems. Exercising will keep you fit and help to nourish your body with oxygen.

Green tea, berries, and nuts are excellent brain food. Eating healthy foods that are rich in protein, antioxidants, calcium and B vitamins will go a long way in preventing Alzheimer’s.

You will want to eliminate aluminum and mercury as much as possible. Be careful about the pots you cook in, your deodorant and drinking water. Also be aware that flu shots and other vaccinations could contain mercury or other poisons.

Don’t forget about mercury fillings. Do you really want poisonous mercury in your head?

Here are some nutrients that may help keep Alzheimer’s at bay:

• Grape Seed Oil
• Folic Acid
• B1, B6, B12
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin E (better from whole food sources)
• Zinc
• Lecithin
• Garlic
• Co Q10
• Ginkgo
• High Quality Fish Oil
• Sunlight
• Curcumin
• Silica

Levels of Choline decline as we age. Choline is a nutrient the brain uses to produce acetylcholine, which helps our memory. Choline is found in fish and eggs.

Blueberries may be one of the most important foods to combat mental decline as is fish oil with omega3 and DHA. Lowering simple carbohydrates could benefit you as well.

Although there are a few nutrients that specifically may help with Alzheimer’s, we should consider that a general healthy lifestyle is the basics of preventing health problems.

Get outside in the sunlight when you can. Earlier is better than later. Go for a walk or do some yard work. Maybe you enjoy horseshoes?

Start now by exercising, eating healthy and challenging your mind with puzzles or a new hobby. Take a night course. Learn something new. You will benefit with the new knowledge you have acquired and keeping your mind sharp.

One final note: There have been some reported cases of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s where in fact they merely had a B12 deficiency!

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About The Author

Lambert Klein is the owner of Think Healthy supplements.

This article was posted on December 28, 2005


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