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Natural Decor? Stone Wall Clocks
 by: Joey Lewitin

Stone wall Clocks – the underappreciated décor -

Natural décor is making a comeback, as more and more people feeling distanced from the real world make moves towards reconnecting with nature. One way people are making this move is with stone wall clocks.

Stone clocks are made from different kinds of rock. There can be granite, slate, marble, or cement clocks. They can be hung on the wall, or placed on a desk. They come thick, thin, square, and irregular, and there are an enormous number of color options.

Most people buy stone wall clocks to match countertops or stone floors. Many homes are decorated with natural materials such as woods and stones, and a stone wall clock fits very easily into such a setting.

Many times a stone wall clock can be purchased without a face, allowing you to choose what kind of design you would like. This gives you the ability to use other pieces of stone, paint, or wooden numbers glued to the surface of the clock as a face. As long as the stone is smooth enough, you can end up with countless options for your wall clock.

Stone wall clocks are also completely unique. The nature of stone is to have deformities in it. These deformities take the form of intense colors, or lines running through the stone. Since the stone is cut from a larger quarry, it is only a small portion of a greater shape, and is completely unlike any other piece of the stone.

Stone wall clocks are wonderful additions to any home. They match with stone flooring and counters, and provide a beautiful addition to your room’s décor.

About The Author

This article was written by Joey Lewitin, an author, webmaster, and designer of truely incredible stone home decor. See them at for a view.

This article was posted on February 14, 2005


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