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Let's Associate With Funny Stuff
 by: Cheng Guan, Kher

The two main phrases in comedy writing are: "what if" and "anything goes". They are catalysts for generating funny ideas.

"What if" challenges your imagination and "anything goes" takes you beyond your imagination. With the combination of these two key stimulants, you will ultimately create a funny idea.

Now let's take a look at the thinking process behind the creation of a funny idea. Employing the two important phrases "what if" and "anything goes", means letting your mind run wild and free. Don't think logically, but creatively. As I say again,"anything goes"! Let random images, thoughts or memories mix, combine or pair them up, until you find a potential funny idea. This technique is popularly known as ASSOCIATION.

You associate thoughts or images from different sources. This association process may appear to be disorganized. But actually it is well focussed and heading towards the ultimate result; a funny idea!

ASSOCIATION is the key to many potential funny ideas. Rather than sitting down facing an empty sheet of paper, let your thoughts wander....and start from there. Don't hold back. Remember the phrase "anything goes". From there you pair them with anything. Let your flight of imagination soar....and I am sure you'll come down with a real funny idea!

About The Author

Cheng Guan, Kher

A freelancer from Malaysia who dabbles in both visual and performing art. Cartooning, script-writing, acting in TV and movies, doing voice, sound and singing impressions under the stage-names: Wacky Willy and SFX-Man.

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This article was posted on January 02, 2006


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