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Briefcase Trends for Style Conscious Men
 by: Aleister Q. Fleming

In the business world, a stylish briefcase is as indispensable as a decent suit. It’s all about impressions, my friend. The traditionally boring briefcase has been updated in recent times, to reflect the tastes and styles of the new businessman. If you are a young professional looking to update your corporate style, this article is for you!

The classic messenger bag is always a safe bet. It is hip, modern, and functional. In the last few years, these bags have left the backs of dreadlocked bike couriers and ended up in the boardrooms of corporate America. They are no longer the oversized and cumbersome bags of the past. Fashion designers have led the way in this regard, releasing designs with various features and utilizing many modern materials. These bags are generally carried over the shoulder, but many come with traditional handles. These bags are slick!

If you feel the messenger bag is not quite right for you, give some thought to the portfolio-style bags. With regards to design, these bags rest somewhere between messenger bags and briefcases. A portfolio case is ideal for carrying documents, folders, and other printed materials to and from the office. These bags are constructed of various materials and in many colors. Why not bring some color to your corporate style?

If you are keen on the traditional briefcase or attaché, a number of options exist for you. If you are a no-nonsense businessman, try one of the no-nonsense aluminum or steel-look briefcases. These cases are all business, with a dash of both sophistication and danger. The ladies in your office will think you have a case of cash or diamonds! It will give you some James Bond-like panache, and that cannot possibly be a bad thing. Consider one of the bullet-proof models to add to the element of danger.

Whatever your tastes may be, there is a stylish alternative to your outdated briefcase. Check out a few stores or shop online to get an idea of the options available to you. Many of the leading designers in menswear have a line of bags designed with the new businessman in mind. If you want to make it in this game, you have to be a player………or at least look like one. Get with the styles, and you will undoubtedly get with the ladies!! Now get me some more coffee, and get back to work.

About The Author

Aleister Q. Fleming never gives out his real name. Nor does he ever take the same route twice. He carries his Zero Halliburton aluminum suitcase everywhere he goes. You know how he likes his Martini’s. When he is not saving damsels in distress or driving his Aston Martin, he writes absurd articles about trivial nonsense for websites such as – a site that offers insights into the wonderful world of handbags, featuring information on designer luggage -, Kate Spade Handbags -, Michael Kors handbags - and more.

This article was posted on October 10, 2005


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