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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring
 by: Allison Heinz

This is the moment she's been dreaming about since she was a little girl: the love of her life is proposing to her, asking her to join him for eternity. The diamond engagement ring is a perfect symbol of your promise to love her eternally.

There is so much information about diamond engagement rings that is seems overwhelming to say the least. Don't be confused, here are some simple tips to help you decide what kind of ring to look for and some spending guidelines.

How does one go about choosing that "perfect ring"? The following steps will help you prepare finding the right choice:

*ask family and friends what she likes
*pay attention when she admires someone else's ring
*browse jewelry stores with her
*take note of the advertisements she likes
*take time to notice the style of other jewelry she wears-is it more simple or ornate

Now that you have some ideas of what kind of ring to look for, the next question is, "how much do I spend?" The often-quoted guideline of spending two months salary is pretty accurate, however if you take the time and do some research, you may find her ring at a wholesale "Jewelry Mart" or even online!

Since this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, take your time to search for the "perfect ring". Understand that this is an investment for your future and surprise her with a ring that is beyond her imagination! The engagement ring you choose must not only fit her finger, it must fit her personality and style. It should be a reflection of who she is. Although there are so many different diamond shapes, sizes, and settings to choose from, ultimately the decision comes down to personal taste.

Good Luck!!! And CONGRATULATIONS! are in order when she accepts!!!

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This article was posted on December 12, 2005


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