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Meeting Women, Pick Up Girls
 by: Cher Sern Lim

Discover Four New Places To Start Meeting Women! Learn To Pick Up And Approach Women Everywhere You Go!

Once youíve built up the confidence of approaching and meeting women whatís the next step? Knowing where to go of course! If you havenít a clue as to where to meet women, then check out some of the hot spots below. These are places that you always knew about but you didnít think of meeting women there.

The Club or Pub

Night spots are always a good place to pick up girls. Chances are the girls there want to be picked up too! If you enjoy the night life then this is the best place for you to pick up girls. Just donít get suckered by women who are just interested in your money and the free flow of drinks you are providing.

Sports Clubs Or Activity Classes

Sports clubs or places like yoga classes are great places to pick up girls. Meeting women here is easy and you will have a high chance of finding interesting women who actually share your same interests. Because of this the process of picking them up is made easier as you will have much to talk about. Itís also easy to ask for dates because you can always suggest a meal after class or a drink to discuss the dayís lessons.

The Library

This place isnít as boring as you think and you can actually pick up girls here. The main thing you have to remember is that there are always more women than men at the library and that not all of them are busy and dedicated to their work. And even if they are, they sure could use a break every once in a while. This is of course where you step in. One way to meet them is to take interest in what she is doing and get her to open up and talk to you about it. As you know, women love talking so take the opportunity to build up a rapport while they are talking your ear off about the subject.

The Shopping Mall

One of the best places to start meeting women is surprisingly your local mall. Or should I say not so surprisingly? After all its women who love to shop and where else would they flock? The thing is that while men are hanging out at the malls it would cross their minds that ďThat girl looks hotĒ but it never occurs to them that they should make a move because before this, picking up girls was reserved exclusively for places like the pub. Well itís time to change this mentality and figure out that the mall is actually a great place for meeting women!

About The Author

Cher Sern Lim

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This article was posted on August 14, 2005


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