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Metro-Sexual Man and Proud of It
 by: Joe Zwales

You know what a heterosexual man is. You have certainly heard of homosexual men. Now there's the metrosexual man. Metro-sexual? That's right; it's the newest breed, or classification of men.

Hollywood is full of metro-sexual men. Will Smith and Tom Cruise are prime examples. Now, more and more, many guys in everyday towns are walking around strutting their peacock feathers, proud to be metro sexual.

Remember the big to-do about whether or not real men ate quiche? Well now not only are they eating quiche, they're wearing salmon colored dress shirts; getting manicures and pedicures; having their hair highlighted; frequenting tanning salons; and are enjoying overall makeovers. And the women absolutely love it!

Enter the Montel Williams show. Wife complains that hubby has had his beard for the last 23 years, wears the same jeans and sweatshirt, so much so that his pants can walk by themselves. He's in a time warp, still wearing a mullet and fashions a dangling chain affixed to his wallet. After the commercial break: Tada! Cleaned up, spiffed up, shaved up and made up husband walks out on stage and the little wife about falls over as her jaw drops to the floor! She's shocked! She can't believe her eyes! This man is HOT! Her boring, stuck in the mud hum drum husband for the last two decades has stepped out into the new millennium (finally!) and Mrs. can't wait to be alone with her new and improved man!

That may have been one episode, but with increasing numbers, metro-sexual men are emerging. Word of caution men, you may not want to have all the pomp and circumstance that Montel had on his show with the complete and utter total makeover all at once. Start with a new hair doo, and then go for some highlights. Don't worry; there will be other men in the salon with foil on their hair. It's getting more and more common. Next let a good manicurist get a hold of your paws. Do it in small incremental steps. You'll get used to the idea better and the woman in your life will enjoy growing into the new you, along side you.

Women, you're going to have to clear out some bathroom space. Your new metro-sexual man needs drawer and shower space for all his "product." He's now moisturizing, toning, conditioning, gelling, chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin'. It's been acceptable for eons for women to primp. It's about time the men had their turn!

About The Author

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This article was posted on December 12, 2005


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