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Why Men Should Buy Custom Dress Shirts
 by: Janine Giorgenti


First and foremost, as its name implies, custom dress shirt is made to your measurements, your form and your physique. It is made specifically for you. Once you experience the fit of a custom dress shirt, it is impossible to go back to an off-the-rack shirt that is somehow, never just right.


Even if you wear a 16/34 off-the-rack shirt, selection is always limited. Stores rarely offer the scope of fabrics that you will find from your custom shirt maker, where hundreds of fabrics in different weights, patterns and qualities are abundant in your size.


When was the last time you were able to choose from variety of collar, cuffs, pockets and fronts styles, such as a wide spread collar, angled French cuffs or sport front? Or for that matter, how about something really special, like a black shirt with white collar and white cuffs? All of this is possible with a custom made dress shirt.


What if your neck size is big in proportion to your body, where the rest of the shirt fits like a tent? Or you can never find the correct sleeve length? With a custom made dress shirt, you won't have to put up with this any more...You can enjoy a comfortable well-fitted shirt for the price of a shirt off-the-rack.


Superb workmanship, and fine fabrics are the hallmark of a custom made dress shirt. Imagine collars and cuffs that stay firm and crisp. Want to know the secret? Custom made dress shirts have 20 stitches per inch compared to a commercial dress shirt that only has 12.


Taking all of the above points into consideration, your custom dress shirt is as individual as your own signature. There’s not another like it anywhere!


When you consider all of the advantages, a custom dress shirt is truly the best value of all, a far better than ready-made and in some cases even lower in price than expensive designer shirts.

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About The Author

For two decades, Janine Giorgenti has dedicated her life’s work to developing cutting edge techniques, for creating a professional image. She is a pioneering top clothing designer, image and wardrobe consultant as well as a dynamic speaker.

As a recognized expert in color psychology and a seasoned Seventh Avenue designer, Janine helps clients substantially improve their professional appearance. Her scientific approach to image enhancement applies the innovations of the world’s greatest clothing experts to each individual’s wardrobe.

Many clients credit her counsel with helping them win promotions, close deals, land new jobs, perform better in the business world and build general self-confidence. Her clients include sport figures, celebrities and Fortune 500 executives from American Express, Deloitte &Touché, Citicorp, MetLife, Marriott and Morgan Stanley, among others.

Janine Giorgenti reaches thousands through her “ Dress for Success” seminars, TV and Radio appearances, while her acclaimed “Image Empowerment” audio series” empower countless more people. Her makeovers are featured on local and regional television programs, and her advice was recently the centerpiece of a McKinsey & Company women's website series on 'business casual'.

Janine is a fourth generation designer who trained at New York’s renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. She was a fashion consultant for Saks 5th Ave, Anne Taylor, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Janine’s original creations have been featured in The New York Times Fashion of the Times centerfold, as well in Vogue magazine.

Janine is committed to giving back to the community, often providing custom clothing and organizing fashion shows as fundraising events for nonprofits that include The American Heart Association, A Cure for Breast Cancer, Arthritis foundation, The United Way, and the Special Olympics for Handicapped Kids.

Her advice is frequently sought by major national newspapers and magazines, and will soon be collected into a book, co-authored with award-winning television producer and journalist Sue Treiman.

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Janine Giorgenti can be contacted at 1-800-99-IMAGE or

Copyright clause: My articles can be copied, published and re-printed without my permission as long as I remain the author of the article.

This article was posted on March 15, 2006


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