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How To Build A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
 by: Jo Williams

Before starting this article about building a squirrel proof bird feeder, let me ask you this question, what’s with squirrels? We all know that watching these creatures roaming around the backyard lawn can be truly delightful. But they can also cause destruction to your birdfeeders and scare the birds away. Most squirrels like the foods intended for the birds. During winter, indomitable homeowners and squirrels are in a battle over bird food in numerous backyards. Other animals, like raccoons, steal bird food, but more often squirrels raid bird feeders. Ignoring the extremes of winter season, nothing beats the squirrel in persistently achieving its goal, they have enough agility and dexterity to be able to climb onto any surface that birds could reach, and most often squirrels succeed in adapting in the urban-suburban habitat that we humans created.

Actually there are two ways of keeping squirrels away from birdfeeders. First is preventing squirrels from entering the birdfeeders. There are quite a few ways in preventing these creatures from entering the birdfeeder. First step is to locate your bird feeder a good distance from tree trunks, limbs, and at least twelve feet away from any kind of object that a squirrel can leap from.

Second step is to install a baffle on top of the birdfeeder. It can be homemade or a commercial squirrel dome. The purpose is to keep squirrels off the birdfeeders. Here’s the idea of this device: when a squirrel attempts to climb to the bird feeder it must go along the suspension line. It gets confused because of prevented access to the seeds inside the bird feeder and soon gives up.

Third step is suspending your birdfeeders between two very distant poles or trees with heavy-duty nylon string and attach a plastic PVC pipe on both ends of the string. This makes it more difficult for the squirrel to reach the birdfeeder. And the fourth step is mounting the birdfeeder to a pole with a minimum height of six feet from the ground. Its purpose is to keep the squirrels from leaping onto the birdfeeder, likewise, the baffle should not be lower than five feet above the ground when you attach it to the mounting pole.

Another way is by diverting squirrels from bird feeders by means of creating a certain area wherein you can feed the squirrels. It is inexpensive and at the same time very entertaining. Various squirrel toys are available commercially, including the squirrel wheel and the picnic table style squirrel feeders, but make sure to install these diversion feeders lower than your birdhouses. Left over grain cereal, inexpensive dried corn cobs and old bread can be considered the best offerings for squirrels. You can even place some fruits or peanuts and peanut butter which are irresistible to squirrels.

By using these ideas you can prevent and divert the squirrels from destroying your birdfeeders, and at the same time you can enjoy squirrels and birds playing in your backyard lawn and garden together in harmony.

About The Author

Jo Williams has an interest in Home & Garden products. To access more articles on bird feeder’s or for additional information and resources visit this bird feeders related website.

This article was posted on February 13, 2006


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