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Politics and Government

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Politics and Government
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Kahane Was Right!
When Rules Fail
Wahabism the Evil roots of Muslim Terrorism
Heal Our Republic: Change Our Electoral System
A Bitch Howling at the Moon! A UK News Review.
Vote None of the Above
The Inertia of Power
Auschwitz Death Camp, Lesson Learned
Using Radio Advertising Effectively in 2006 Political Campaigns
Overcoming Adversities and Leadership: Profile of US Senator Daniel Inouye
Locating Free Public Service Radio Commercials for your Organization
Reflections on Representative Government
No Human Rights For Jews
Is Communism Dead Yet?
Local Government Apathy
The Port Fiasco - It's a GOP Trick
Misuse of Statistics in Media: Political Motivation
How The Poor Were Lost
FACE OFF: Morales vs. Merkel
Speaking at Local Government Meetings
Political Robo Calling that works
Denmark Cartoons or Islamic Caricatures – Six of One or Half Dozen of the Other
Book Review: The Bottomless Well: Why We Will Never Run Out of Energy
Arnold's Office Refuses To Comment
The West Should Step Out Of The United Nations
Third World Debt - A Solution
Moving Day in Gaza?!
The Bitch, the Bad, the Bugs, and a Bottle of Dettol! A UK News Review.
Cory Booker’s ‘Outside of the Box’ Approach to Political Problems
Race Relations Between Blacks and Whites In America
New York Green Building Initiative
Nuclear Energy - The Green Solution
Denmark, Democracy and the Free Press
Give Your Enemy the Keys to Your House
Instantly Pinpoint Your Political Identity
The Bitch, the Darkness, the Kilts, and the Coppers! UK News Review
Economic Sacred Cows Are Out of Milk
Dog Treat Recipes - Mega Meaties
America Supports Muslims
Facts About the Management of American Ports
America, Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave!
Donating Political Radio Advertising
The Reason There Can Never Be Peace on Earth
Lukashenko’s Dirty Tricks To Win Belarus President Election
Local Government Apathy - Alarming Statistics
Priests Perform Purification Rituals After Bush Visits
US Army to Probe Pat Tillman's Death
Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead
Taliban Infiltrates South Dakota Legislature

Politics and Government
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