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Strategy As Applied To Warrior-Citizens
 by: Owen Johnston

After years of study, I have come to a small understanding of the way of strategy. I will here explain some strategy as it applies to warrior-citizens. Seek whatever truth you may find here, then continue on your search for enlightenment.

In the broad view, a warrior must uphold the values of his or her society to be of any honorable use. We all depend on one another. The warrior must quell disorder, promote peace, and cultivate character. In practicing the ways of war, one has an obligation to not use them in an illegal or immoral fashion.

Let us now consider fighting tactics. First, we must understand self defense. One should exercise caution in the use of force. Awareness must have the highest priority.

In self defense, one must be able to read the situation and potential adversary. Pay attention to the neighborhood, your own mental and physical state, as well as the mental state of potential attackers. One can never be too careful. When visiting a new area, stay in well lit areas that seem safe. Also try to find good information on the right places to stay if you are going to be in town for a while.

There are many articles on the uses of makeshift weapons, and weapon disarms. Not all such articles are realistic, nor are any of them a substitute for hands-on defense training. They may be a supplement to such training from a true instructor. The broken rhythm of fighting, the form without form, and the warrior's mindset are difficult to learn without guidance.

There is never enough thought given to proper timings. Blend with or break the opponent’s energy, rhythm, or attitude. Read timings/habits quickly. This is applied to hand to hand combat, large scale combat, and overall strategy. Study this well.

You must be ready to defend yourself as soon as you leave your home, even if you are not feeling well, caught off guard, outnumbered, or overwhelmed by a stronger attacker intent on killing you. You must be prepared for the worst. End the fight as soon & as peacefully as possible; simplicity & instinct are key!

In life, stay truthful to yourself and loved ones. Take the most honorable course of action in every situation; your enemy today may become your ally tomorrow. Your best friend can be your worst enemy because he or she knows the most about you. It is in this case you must treat them as honorably as possible. Also remember that what protects and upholds you today may hinder you tomorrow. Watch carefully, ask questions, and do not ever stop learning. This will be your lifelong progress, and contribution.

About The Author

Owen Johnston lives and teaches Wado ryu Karate in Lake City, South Carolina. He enjoys reading, writing, training, attending church, and spending time with his fiance. For more information about the martial arts, please visit:

This article was posted on November 10, 2005


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