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What I Remember...and Like.. About Myrtle Beach
 by: Joe Leech

What I Remember (And Like) About Myrtle Beach (subtitle: Whatís not to like already!) By Joe Leech

We could answer that with "bullet points" like...

The beach The Golf Courses (full sizes) The min golf courses All the places to Eat The beach

But Myrtle Beach is more than just that.. itís the sum of all those things which feed each other back and do more and more. Itís the complete "package" of all those things.

Itís the anticipation, and the variety.. and wondering what you are going to find the next year.

My wife and I first visited Myrtle Beach as a young newly wed couple and we did it on a budget. We chose it because at the time we were in the Air Force and it was close, and we had never really been to a real beach resort community. We had a pop up camper.. a far cry from some of the early (1960 era) motor homes. But even then the early "boxy" "Winnies" looked like palaces. But we didn't care. We were young, in love, and we had the beach. If I were to share more about some late nights on the beach.. well, we couldn't "family rate" this little recollection piece.

We came back a couple years later, but this time to a modest cabin with real indoor plumbing.. we were a few blocks inland as we were still on a budget, but our cabin (actually a duplex house converted to tourist rentals) was clean and we could hear the ocean at night with windows open. And smell the salt ocean air. And it was quiet. EXCEPT the reason we upgraded.. we had a new baby son with us, and he would still sometimes cry at night, but other than that.. it was so peaceful.

We didn't come back every year, but we did return about 7 years later and again got a cabin, and this time with two kids.. and boy, did they love the beach! We had more fun. We revisited our first camp ground and thought it might be nice to come back with the kids so they could have campfires, the pool and we agreed.. as long as we had a nice camper. So the next year (civilians now, having finished our Air Force stint and still living in the East) we rented a nice camper. Campground within a bike ride to the ocean, and we spent time there.. but the kids wanted a little more so we hit the main drag a little more, some of the arcades, etc.

Not wanting to get into a rut, while loving the area, we didn't do it every year, but did keep returning because there was some sorta "magic" and it was about 4 years later, this time with two teen agers. Little nicer cabin this year, and now our agendas changed a bit more.. kids wanted to spend time "in town" and of course our evenings gave rise to some more mature entertainment like board games like monopoly, etc. But the beach was still our focus. None of us really got into golf which is why so many people come.. but the miniature golf was always a great family time, and all of us do love to eat.

We came back about every 2-3 years, and one of the reasons was the availability and ease of getting to. We'd tried some of the Jersey resorts (Wildwood) and nothing had the whole package we had.. and we were beginning to make some "vacation" friends who we called our summer vacation family. Now while the kids were off, we enjoyed a bottle of wine or margaritas with families from Fla (came north as it was cooler), one family from Canada, and a few others.

As life goes on, the family changes, and 3 years ago, now with our kids grown, married, and having kids of their own.. we decided on an extended family vacation. We'd outgrown the cabin, and this time we all went together and rented a nice large single family house on the beach. Full porch and beach view. It wasn't inexpensive, but when you think we had 3 families there, the cost per family wasn't any more than 3 weeks of individual and smaller cabins.. and we were all together. I can't tell you the memories this built, not only for ourselves but our grand kids.

Happy as it was, the "kids" also wanted to take new vacations on their own, and we went back now as we started.. as a couple, but in one partners case.. with significantly less and grayer hair. But our accommodations changed.. again. This time a nice condo, 3 floors up, with a balcony and view. Still love the ocean, still love to go to the restaurants. And we're making new friends. Also talking about taking up golf!

We revisited again in summer 2005. Actually not for a vacation, but passing through on a drive back home from one of our kids homes in Melbourne, Fla driving back to Pittsburgh. It was a little off the direct route, but we just wanted to come back. Glad we did and we're going to book a condo there again next summer. Thereís new things to see and do like live theater. Discovered a FANTASTIC Italian restaurant that more locals than tourists go to.

So.. whatís with Myrtle Beach. I guess it has been the ability to provide a whole range of great, wholesome vacation options regardless of our family makeup and budget. We've never been bored or disappointed. Itís been a relatively easy drive from wherever we lived in the East, and of course, in spite of hurricanes passing through the area over some 40 years (we are now 66 and 67 years old), the beach has always been a good place to be. We've not tried a winter vacation there.. don't think we will. Yes, thereís a lot of people there in season, but thereís a lot of space too so you don't feel crowded. And thereís still spots you can get alone on the beach at night. And thatís the magic.

Itís my hope that this little article of reminiscing will share what might be available to anyone contemplating a visit or vacation, and no, we don't work for the Chamber of Commerce or have a time share or condo to rent to you. (Wish now we did) But thereís plenty of resources on the Internet to help you.

Good Luck and pleasant vacationing!

About The Author

Joe Leech is a semi-retired business man with varied interests and accomplishments .In retirement, he writes articles and ebooks and his web site about Myrtle Beach can be found at

This article was posted on December 12, 2005


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