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Happiness Mastery - Part 6 - "Your Future’s In Your Hands"
 by: Julian Kalmar

One day I asked the master why his workshop always felt so peaceful. This is what he taught me.

“Julian, just like these watches and clocks, with all their gears, jewels, springs and screws that can’t be seen from the outside, people have hidden mechanisms.”

“What kind of mechanisms,” I questioned eagerly.

“There are many. One of them is responsible for the peace in this workshop. Do you know why I’ve asked you to be quiet while I work?”

“So you can concentrate,” I said a bit unsure.

“Yes, but there’s much more to it. By focusing your mind and hands on the same task, peacefulness and joy are naturally produced. I create a tangible sense of peace and joy in this workshop using this natural hidden mechanism. Everyone can do this.

“Working with your hands also builds confidence in your personal abilities. You feel powerful knowing you know how to transform your world. For example, when I’m faced with a broken watch, I don’t know what I’ll find on the inside. That’s a lot like life. You’ll face a problem and not know how to fix it at first, so you’ll feel a bit nervous. Every time you solve a problem you’ll build confidence.

“Eventually you feel you can solve any problem and create anything you want in your life. That’s when life becomes easy. You simply decide what you want and focus your mind and hands to create it. Your future is quite literally in your hands.

Copyright 2005 Julian Kalmar

About The Author

More happiness teachings are available in Julian Kalmar's 4-CD audio collection, “Happiness: The Highest Gift.” This collection won the June 2005 "Audio-of-the-month" award; also received by Nelson Mandela, Wayne Dyer, and Marc Allen. (

This article was posted on August 09, 2005


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